Location Livorno, IT

mind fellowships

Bucky Fuller and students hanging from a geodesic dome. Black Mountain College, 1948

We started a reflection on (the) ‘air’, pondering on the possibilities it enables, from breathing to technology, from signs to wavelengths, from one to two to in-between…
We started an online archive on materials on air: Airchive

It’s like a survey of what happens on air, through air, through the electromagnetic spectrum, about humanity’s pretensions on the atmosphere, that have permitted globalization, communications, and this pandemic as an end result of our relation to it, but as well, on the life it opens up through its shared in-betweenness.

In this thinking of air, we have rediscovered Richard Buckminster Fuller. It never happened to us, to know about someone so proud about military intelligence and still thinking about it to do the complete opposite:
not war, to give death
but to distribute wealth and give life to all of humanity by conceiving it as a unity on Earth through Universe.

He thought that war was obsolete, as we could provide to all with so little effort thanks to accumulated and irreversible wealth, knowledge and technology, putting Malthus, Darwin and their bunch on the bench.

He thought about ‘Mind fellowships’ to give to all the unemployed people so they could wander into creation.

Our idea is to give On Air ‘mind fellowships’ to young students selected though a fluid network of realities such as academies, universities, free universities, schools and so on, to start a research departing from the Airchive

The research will be published on our platform and on Luftbeben magazine, as well as presented to the public in a final presentation-conversation table.

This mind fellowship will enable us to continue sharing thought on creation and air.