Location Livorno, IT

Juan Pablo Macías

(Mexico, 1974) his work is a research on anarchism
 as a critique of representation and takes several forms: editorial projects, poetry, video, installations, performance, serve as 
fields to signal the encounter between
 power-knowledge and insurrectional-knowledge. He is editor in chief of tiempo muerto journal (2012) and
 word+moist press (2014). He co-founded of Salvator Rosa gallery in 2018 and is the actual president of Carico Massimo.

19. 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How to Study and Photograph it Richard Kearton + Cherry Kearton - Our bird friends Richard Kearton + Cherry Kearton - Birds’ nests, eggs, and egg collecting Cherry Kearton - Song thrush’s nest Cherry Kearton - Tree pipit feeding young cuckoo Richard Kearton + Cherry Kearton - Descending a cliff with a camera Richard Kearton + Cherry Kearton - Baby birds at home Richard Kearton + Cherry Kearton - Artificial tree-trunk open+ Artificial tree-trunk closed Richared Kearton + Cherry Kearton - Method of photographing birds Richard Kearton + Cherry Kearton - Cherry Kearton photographing a shag Richard Kearton + Cherry KEarton - Artificial rock Richard Kearton + Cherry Kearton - Author hidden under wooden mask Richard Kearton + Cherry Kearton - Author with wooden mask off Richard Kearton + Cherry Kearton - Artificial rubbish‑heap Richard Kearton + Cherry Kearton - The stuffed ox in operation Richard Kearton + Cherry Kearton - Photographing in a cart‑shed Richard Kearton + Cherry Kearton - Stone House for Photographing Oyster‑catcher Richard Kearton + Cherry Kearton - Sod house for photographing golden plover Richard Kearton + Cherry Kearton - Photographing a flying bird with a gun camera Richard Kearton + CherryKearton - Richard Kearton with jackdaws Richard Kearton + Cherry Kearton - Photographing a nest in a tree Marcel Duchamp - Air de Paris (50 cc of Paris Air) Gregory Whitehead - The Hidden Language of Trees Alfred Stieglitz - Rainbow Marcel Duchamp (Rrose Selavy) +Man Ray - Belle Haleine, Eau de Voilette Man Ray - Portrait of Rrose Sélavy Marcel Duchamp - Why Not Sneeze Rose Sélavy? 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