Location Livorno, IT
Vincenzo Estremo
November 18, 2020

08. Vincenzo Estremo

Vincenzo Estremo — NO TAV (2020)

Vincenzo Estremo, starting from Fredric Jameson, talks about the man-machine-nature relationship, the agenda of capitalism, labour and how all this is at the basis of the environmental deterioration.

“…The Capitalocene is not only the generic theme of environmental deterioration due to industry and indistinct human action, but it is something broader, something that influences and determines paid work, not just the associated one to capitalism and the production of value, but all the work, the set of socio-ecological transformations that are necessarily connected to the capitalist impact … ”

Vincenzo Estremo (Caserta, IT 1980) is a theorist on moving image and a lecturer on media theory and phenomenology of the image at NABA in Milan. He co-directs the editorial series Cinema and Contemporary Art (Mimesis International) and he is a founder and chief editor of Droste Effect. His texts have appeared in Italian and European magazines. He has published Teoria del lavoro reputazionale (2020), Albert Serra, cinema, arte e performance (2018), Extended Temporalities. Transient Visions in Museum and Art (2016).