Location Livorno, IT
Sandra Burchi
March 8, 2021

15. Sandra Burchi

Joan La Barbara, ‘Three Voices’ by Morton Feldman

The voice does not deceive and does not betray, the voice and its uniqueness has become a motive for reflection and research, as for Sandra Burchi who, for Air Columns proposes some passages from the book by Adriana Cavarero, “A più Voci: filosofia dell’espressione vocale”(Feltrinelli, Milan, 2003). We can read the history of the voice as a reverse of the major issues that have crossed the origins of philosophy. After a brief introduction, Sandra leaves the voices of some women with whom she relates to, the reading of selected passages from Cavarero’s book, weaving a tight thread between one chapter and another. Bianca Monteleone, Sara Barton, Cecilia Silvestri, Maddalena Petragnoli, Arianna Sarti, Matilde Sarti Scarinci, Federica Merenda, Beatrice Meoni, Monica Mariniello and Renata Pipicelli with her daughter Anna, evoke “a più voci”, female figures who have contributed to vocality, which opposes the logocentric system of the word.

“… even before becoming word, the voice is an invocation addressed to the other, confident …
… There is a language that I speak and speaks to me… a language that is both unique and universal that resonates in every national language… in every language flows milk and honey and I know, I do not need to enter it, it springs from me, it flows from me, it is the milk of love and honey of my unconscious, it is the language that women speak when there is no one correcting them … ”

  • Hélène Cixous

“I like doing research in the field, listening to people, getting out of the way and collaborating with artists, is my great passion”. Sandra Burchi, after graduating in Philosophy at the University of Pisa, continued in the social sciences. Always passionate about feminist studies, she has written about the forms and experiences of women’s work, in particular about the experience of working at and from home, like in “Ripartire da casa. Lavori e reti dallo spazio domestico” (Griff, 2014). She is a founding member of IaphItalia (Associazione internazionale delle filosofe) and of Teatro Rossi Aperto. She collaborates with DWF magazine donnawomenfemme.