Location Livorno, IT

26. Radio Solaire Diffusion Rurale

Festival Ondes de liberté - Bamako (Mali) 2001

A mix of historical tracks, voices and music from the African continent created by Massimo Carozzi. The podcast works as a preface to Radio Solaire Livorno, the project by Francesco Eppesteingher and Federico Bacci dedicated to Giorgio Lolli, a radio technician from Bologna who installed the first free African shortwave radio in Bamakò, Mali. An experience that will spread in a few years throughout the black continent, training technicians and setting up over 500 stations. “Solaire” is the company founded by Lolli for the diffusion of radio stations in local African communities. Radio Solaire is broadcast today in Livorno, within “Air Time”:

“The thing that I have noticed in Africa is the lack of information and, in any case, the impossibility of people to communicate because they do not have the means. So I thought: let’s make a radio”
Giorgio Lolli

Produced and mixed by Massimo Carozzi from an idea by Francesco Eppesteingher and Federico Bacci

Voices: Giorgio Lolli, Andrea Borgnino, Father Pietro Ruzzi, Marco Funes

Music: Ikenga Superstars - Nwannemu Oho, Ata Kak - Medofo, El Rego - Vive le renoveau, Idassane Mohamed wallet - Aylana, Eco Taylor & Uhuru Yenzu - Victory, Kipsigis - Chemirocha

Radio Extracts: IKA FM Bamako, Radio Dorko Bamako, Radio Kledu Mali, RFI AfriqueRadio Jamana Koulikoro