Location Livorno, IT
Iacopo Seri
May 19, 2022

29. Iacopo Seri

Iacopo Seri

Improvisation for sticks and choir is a vocal performance created by Iacopo Seri and students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence who attended the Mind Fellowships introductory seminar.
The artist rhythmically led the temporary community of students, who autonomously vocalized in search for a collective harmony with the two sticks…

“The performance took place at the end of the meeting with the Carico Massimo’s board, in which we illustrated the On Air platform and the student’s fellowships program. We talked about thought as work, uselessness as necessity. The improvisation came out of the energy of this very meeting, without a score or premeditation. Whatever came out of the recording made, we would have inserted it into the airchive itself: the moment gave us this minimalist polyphony.” Iacopo Seri

Choir: Giovanni Bonechi, Jessica Brunelli, Giacomo Donati, Benedetta Chiari, Sandra Favilli, Sara Fenicia, Xin He, Lisha Liang, Letizia Lo Verde, Jasmine Morandini, Marianna Nieddu, Yurong Nie, Elisa Pietracito, Alessio Pergolesi, Elisa Puglisi, Irene Scartini, Gaia Trabalzi, Marco Martinez, Valentina Serio, Rong Yang, Zhi Chao Wang, Yun Zhang, Wenzheng Zhang, Peng Yuan Zhao.

We thank Marco Raffaele for his endless support.

Iacopo Seri (Arezzo, 1983) is an artist that uses performance, disarticulation of language, non ordinary states of mind, exploration of tangible and subtle places, searching for a non conventional understanding of reality. He is part of the board of Carico Massimo.