Location Livorno, IT
Eva Brioschi
December 21, 2020

03. Eva Brioschi

Ruth Proctor, I am neither here nor there (postcard), courtesy Norma Mangione Gallery

All in one breath, Eva Brioschi offers us a dissertation on air, from its correspondence with freedom, to the different ways in which bodies enter into relationship with it, up to the work of Henri Chopin. In the 1950s, the French artist (Paris, 1922) received an audio tape recorder, as a gift and began experimenting with language, with its phonemes, with the voice, the body. The voice, powerful and free, picked up electronically, becomes a total sensory experience. The ultimate goal is freedom as a reaction to logocentrism.

“Fear lingers everywhere in this historical period… it distances us… it transfigures us… it distorts our physicality and identity. Chopin fears nothing, refuses to subject the power of life to anything, least of all to words… the body is essential to life without the need for any explanation… this new non-semantic language, can represent a free and universal form of communication that can ‘participate in the creation of a new, free world…”

Eva Brioschi is a curator and art critic. She has collaborated with Casorati Archive of Turin, the Alvar Aalto Museum and she is the actual curator of La Gaia Collection. She curated Moving Tales (Cuneo 2016 - Mousse Publishing 2016), Corners / In Between (Norma Mangione gallery, 2017), Landon Metz at Antonio Dalle Nogare Foundation. She has written for Carico Massimo’s publication on Hans Schabus (2017), and lately, she curated the exhibition and catalog Open Work for ArteFiera Bologna, and Henri Chopin. Body Sound Space at Quartz Studio, Turin (2020).