Location Livorno, IT
Federica Giardini
December 7, 2020

01. Federica Giardini

Talking about Donna Haraway, The promises of monsters.

Federica Giardini inaugurates the podcast series “Air Columns” with an argument that, from The oblivion of the air by Luce Irigaray, leads to the privatization of air. From there, it is a short step between the air particulate level and the virus spread rate.

“Here I invent the term atmomensori (atmosurveyor), a calque from agrimensori of Luce Irigaray, with whom I trained, from the film Les arpenteurs by Michel Soutter. Farce (can of Artist’s shit by Manzoni) becomes tragedy: pure air for sale, according to M. D’Eramo in Dominio. On carbon credits and other inventions to profit from the unthinkable, I recently wrote Notes on the formation of value.”

After graduating in Philosophy at the University of Pisa, she worked on the relationship between philosophy and psychoanalysis. She then explored the corporeal dimension of intersubjectivity at the crossroads between phenomenology and philosophy of difference. Her recent research uses difference as an operator to address some key issues of political philosophy, from obedience / disobedience relations to the extension of the political sphere to the order of relations between human and non-human.