Location Livorno, IT
Agathe Rosa
December 11, 2021

28. Agathe Rosa

Agathe Rosa. Atlas, Chapter 00, 2017.

The French artist Agathe Rosa, upon invitation of Valentina Costa, proposes an unpublished audio work specifically conceived for Rubriche d’aria. A sequence of sound vibrations that from the inner space of her body connect to the solar winds and electromagnetic fields of the upper atmosphere.

”… For ON AIR, I propose 9’43mn of a sound journey that takes as a starting point the intimacy of the human being and brings us to the limits of the sky. It is a connection composed of air between the inner space and the cosmic one. A vibration of particles and resonance that allows to cross the different strata of the sky: the wind of the atmosphere, the chorus of the aurora borealis and the song of the rotation of the Earth…”

Agathe Rosa (Annecy, 1987) is and artist who lives and works in Marseille, FR Graduate from the National School of Architecture in Marseille, her research focus on the interaction of natural light with the living and territories. Her works has been presented in France and internationally in many institutions such as the Centro Culturale Italiano for the biennale Manifesta13 (Marseille, Fr), the Museo Helio Oiticica (Rio de Janeiro, Br), the Centre Pompidou (Paris, Fr) or the Galleria Raffaele de Grada (San Gimignano, It).