Location Livorno, IT
Daniele Di Girolamo
September 1, 2020

00. Daniele Di Girolamo

Daniele recording To Bee Low Profile — Intro/Outro RUBRICHE D’ARIA— (2020)

Daniele Di Girolamo narrates how “To Bee Low Profile” is born — a sound work produced as intro and outro for “Air Columns”

“…The sounds recorded are the various activities of the honey bee…The final trace, precisely in highlighting these invisible relationships, wants to suggest that we too are in a relationship of dynamic collaborations: without this network of relationships, even the basic activity of survival, breathing, would be impossible.”

Daniele Di Girolamo’s research (Pescara, IT 1995) focuses on the relationship between natural processes and human activities that take place in the landscape and the dynamics of interpretation that derive from these. In particular, he wants to investigate the point of contact between the physical elements that make up this relationship and the affective associations that they can evoke.