Location Livorno, IT
Valeria Montoya
January 25, 2021

09. Valeria Montoya

still from The Sound of a Burning Sun

Valeria Montoya narrates a creative process that tunes the act of vision to her body, to the flow of breath. A harmonic relationship with the context that allows us to perceive the sound of a burning sun. “The Sound of a Burning Sun: The honey of all of my dreams”— is a Hi8 electromagnetic video tape that runs parallel to written text. An essay on the act of seeing and reading, in terms of narration, but also in terms of the origin of the material ground that render moving image and writing possible.

“…there is a magnetic process that happens while you record… that is connected with the action of writing on a piece of paper, moving your feet and walking. When you use tape to record images or sound there is an air process happening in the way, a magnetic flux or a magnetic field passing through a machine… controlled by the human body, but ultimately a machine that you kind of embody with your own corporal motion, and that in a way, you tune with…”

Valeria Montoya (1983, Mexico) is born as a Mexican, Hispanic Woman. She practices walking, as an essential embodied tool to study and experience the landscape of a territory. She uses the urban walk as a tool that allows her to think about the political, somatic and imaginative possibilities of artistic practice and curatorship, and of its relationship with public space. She is still learning to walk.