Location Livorno, IT
Hans Schabus
May 3, 2021

23. Hans Schabus

Johann Bode. Antlia in Star Atlas, 1801.

Hans Schabus sent us Antlia for On Air, a recording of an air pump in reference to the work of the German scientist Otto Von Guericke’s (1602–1686) on the physics of the vacuum, atmospheric pressure, electrostatic repulsion and his advocacy for the reality of «action at a distance» and of «absolute space», all concepts Schabus has continuously made reference to in his own approach to space.

“… dear Juan Pablo and Alessandra,
please find a recording attached.
the title is: ANTLIA
it is the latin word for pump
there is a star constellation named after the air pump invention by Otto Von Guericke…
…I worked quite a lot around his ideas of empty space.
especially for the show at secession in 2003.

Hans Schabus (Watschig, 1970) is known for his ambitious site-specific projects in which he incorporates the location and the institution. The sculptural interventions by Schabus intermediate between himself and what surrounds him. His studio is his matrix, a place of exploration, processing and inspiration - a place of an “in-between” with its own temporality in which things undergo continuous change.