Location Livorno, IT
Ferdinando Mazzitelli
March 29, 2021

18. Ferdinando Mazzitelli

Ferdinando Mazzitelli, People, drawing, 2020.

An affectionate and amused thanks to the girls and boys of 2G: Anjelo, Rebecca, Alberto, Josue, Jacopo F, Alexandros, Martina, Greta, Luna, Livia, Niccolò, Rohan, Giada, Pietro, Elisa, Antonella, Riccardo, Jacopo V. Special thanks to the professor of Italian, Chiara Carpentieri, who helped the students with the linguistic part and in understanding the work, and above all, allowed to carry out the activities in her teaching hours. Thanks to the families.

Ferdinando Mazzitelli is a visual artist born in Marzi in the province of Cosenza, currently lives in Milan. He began his artistic activity in Italy and abroad in the early 90s. He was part of Oreste (1997/2002), and conceived a>Monte in the province of Matera. He is one of the co-founders of Macao in Milan. He has participated and given lectures and conferences in various academies and in public and private institutions.