Location Livorno, IT
James Sherry
March 15, 2021

16. James Sherry

Stacy Doris, chart in Cheerleader’s Guide to the World: Council Book. Roof, 2007, p10

Good day. My name is James Sherry. I have been writing about environmentalism for more than 30 years and have recently focused on how diversity extends beyond biological and social multiplicity to the way ideas are framed and categorized for human and other members of the biosphere. This podcast is: Against One Model Alone

We humans need to change how we view ourselves. Not all humans, of course, the term Anthropocene makes it seem like climate change is caused by the species and not by capital accumulation and expansion. The developed countries and the emerging markets seeking to be like developed countries need to change their minds. Not all the people in those countries. The problem is not how to educate the poor, but how to educate the rich and the aspirants to wealth. How shall we educate a person who does not see any facet of their own point of view about the planet as contestable?”

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James Sherry is the author of 13 books of poetry and prose, most recently The Oligarch (Palgrave, 2018, environmental politics) and Entangled Bank (Chax, 2016, poetry). His new book Selfie: Poetry & Ecology is forthcoming from Palgrave in 2021. He is the editor of Roof Books and started the Segue Foundation in 1977. He lives in NYC.